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Leghorn White Chickens

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The White Leghorn Chicken

AKA Fog Horn Leghorn

White Leghorn Chicken

Leghorn Chicken is one of the famous chicken breeds in United States.

These Breed of chicken have actually originated from Italy where there primary existence was first created and later imported to America in the year 1853.

The first Leghorn White Chicken that was imported from Italy is called Italians. As the years passed by the breed was name as Leghorn in 1865 which is named in reference to Ligurian Sea Ports because they have been exported from there.

These Chicken breeds are relatively smaller in size, and the white-colored variety of this breed now dominates the egg producing class in the United States because they are so easy to raise for people just starting to raise chickens.

This breed produces chalk white eggs and the production capacity is very high compared to other breeds of Chicken. This leghorn white chicken breed has different varieties. Some of the examples are single comb, large egg, better shell etc which are used prominently in United States.

Out of this Single Comb has a good popularity compared to other varieties of breed. The specialty of the eggs generated by these breed is that they have a very large egg with good shell and better interior egg qualities.

On an Average, each Leghorn Chicken lays about 280 eggs per year. When compared to other breed of chickens this is phenomenally high. But as the chicken become older, like the other chicken the production capacity decreases.

Leghorn Chicken – ABA

These breed of chickens are recognized both by the American Bantam Association (ABA) and the American Poultry Association (APA).

Some of the varieties recognized by them are dark brown, black, buff, blue, Columbian, barred, silver and exchequer. Most of these breeds have single combs and several other color varieties in this chicken breeds have rose combs. Even though these chickens are smaller compared to other chicken breeds, these chickens are very noisy.

When compared to Bantam Chickens these chickens are some what larger. A Leghorn chicken are very much liked by the poultry farmers and people who grow chickens in their back yards because of their excellent productive capacity and superior feed to egg conversion ration i.e., they consume less food and provide higher productive capacity when compared to other breed of chickens.

Leghorn Chicken – Facts

A Leghorn chicken mature very quickly to 3 to 5lbs and they are not considered to be good producer of meat. But one thing good about them is they are friendly and great tasting.

Most of these varieties like to avoid human contact and tend to be flighty and nervous. Due to their higher egg productive ratio, these are mostly used in laboratories for biological research for large scale egg production commercially in the United States.

The egg industry in United States relies primarily on white leghorns for the eggs which are sold in grocery stores and are also used in restaurants. The reason is for the high productivity and quality shared by brown and white leghorns.

Leghorn White breed are improved a lot in these years due to rapid research in the laboratories and these chickens can lay eggs during over 200 days in a year. The feathers of Leghorn Chickens are white in color, they have a leaf-shaped comb and can lay eggs weighing up to 60gm.

Weight of adult Leghorns on an average is 1.6-1.7 kg while for roosters it is 2.3-3.5 kg. However, the disadvantage with the leg horn chicken is that instinct of their hatching is week and they are bad brooders.

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