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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – HawksKeeping your chickens safe from predators is very much important.  You need to determine your chicken coop design carefully when considering in the fear factor or predators. 

This is one of the primary reasons you want to ensure that your birds are safe in the chicken coop with the doors and/or windows locked tight.

Predators pose huge concerns with owners of chickens

There are many predators which you should worry about when it comes to your chickens. Many predators enjoy chicken as well and they would love to sink their talons, claws or teeth into one of your chickens. 

There are many common predators which pose a threat to your chickens and the predators will greatly depend on the area which you are raising your chickens within.

Hawks attack from the sky

Some owners only have to worry about a few predators where some owners have to worry about numerous predators.  One predator I would like to touch upon in this article is the hawk. 

Hawks are very dangerous for your chickens because chickens rarely look upward when they are searching for danger.  Hawks have very high kill ratios when they do decide to target your chickens.

Do not underestimate a hawk that is preying on your chickens

Hawks are very calculating and smart when it comes to catching their prey.  Not unlike the coyote or fox, hawks often research the most opportune time in going after your chickens. 

They typically prey upon your chickens when your chickens are free-ranging during the daylight hours. Hawks typically do not prey upon chickens at night.

Chicken pen netting are great protection for your chickens against hawk attacks

If you have a population of hawks in your area, you might want to consider different ways in which you allow your chickens to free-range. The netting does not worm on Fisher Cat predation because they will chew straight through it.

One good alternative is free-ranging your chickens in a chicken tractor which will give them great protections from hawks or other predatory animals while they are openly grazing.

Pay close attention to the injuries of your chickens

You will want to recognize the signs of hawks attacking your chickens. The first thing you must look for is the chicken being cut up or containing stab-like wounds which resemble a knife wound. 

The hawks have very sharp beaks and talons which can do some major damage to your chickens.

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