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Automatic Chicken Watering

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Automatic Chicken Watering Instructions

Automatic Chicken WateringYou should always provide fresh water to your chicks at all times. I would highly recommend that you add as an energy supplement one tablespoon of sugar per quart of water.

Dip your chick’s beaks in the water so that they learn what it is. Place the water in a low, heavy bowl so that your chicks can’t tip it over.

You can also try an automatic chicken watering which you can purchase in any local feed supply store.

If you are operating on a budget, try using an ashtray which makes for a great temporary water-holder, but this can only work if you only have a few chicks.

You Still have To keep the Water clean

Consistently check the automatic chicken watering  in making sure the water is clean. Your chicks must have water at all times in order to remain healthy. You will notice that your chicks will drink lots of water.

The reason this occurs is because of their production of eggs. Your chicks will consistently sip the water continually during the day.

This is why it’s very important to check the water continually to ensure that your chicks have a continual supply of water. You do not have to worry about teaching your chicks to drink water from a bowl if the mother is present.

The mother hen will teach the chicks how to not only drink water from a bowl but to learn how to peck grain from a feeder, too. The mother hen will even teach the chicks how to perform such measures without drowning.

It is highly recommended that a bowl of water be placed out daily while changing it twice daily or more if needed. If the mother hen is not present, I do not recommend using an automatic chicken watering to dispense water to your chicks.

Water and Chicks Do Not Mix

Baby chicks have special needs when it comes to their water consumption. The dishes can make it very easy for the chicks to drown without the mother hen present to teach them.

The chicks will also use the automatic chicken watering for other things such as pooping in it or even kicking their bedding material in the water dish. Knowing the different types of chicken feed is also very important but that is in a different article.

Do not use a rabbit feeder if you have many hens to feed and water. Rabbit feeders only accommodate a few chicks at a time. If the mother hen is not present with your chicks, I suggest a chick waterer which comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind that even with a top name waterer, the chicks will kick their bedding material into it and it will be common initially to find chick poop in the automatic chicken watering. Raise the waterer off the ground and change the water a few times daily.

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