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Bantam Chicken Breeds

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Bantam Chicken BreedsA Bantam chicken is a smaller breed of any variety of chicken breeds. The name 'Bantam' is derived from the port city of Bantam in Indonesia. This is where European sailors first encountered a smaller breed of chicken.

After that, all smaller breeds of chickens became known as Bantams. Bantam chickens are also often referred to as miniatures as they are usually 1/5 'th to ¼ the size of Wyandotte chicken breed.

Bantam chickens have gained most of it's popularity as pets or show birds, because Bantam chickens tend to come in more exotic colors as well as having a greater variety of feather patterns.

Bantam Chickens adapt well to close confinement. The hens can be used for egg laying, but it should be noted that their eggs are only about ½ to 1/3 the size of a normal chicken eggs. Bantam hens are known as fierce mothers and have a high success rate in rearing their chicks.

Bantam roosters are particularly aggressive, something that can be seen as very comedic, considering their small stature.

Within the Bantam category, you get what is known as a true Bantam breed. These are chickens that have always been the size that they are now.

There are only a few breeds of Bantam chickens that are considered true breeds. The most popular of these breeds are as follows.

The Silkie Breed

Silkie chickens are one of the most popular Bantam breeds. They grow to be weigh approximately 1.4 to 2.5 lbs. Silkie chickens love to be held and played with. They also appeal to children, because of their fluffy appearance. Silkie chickens are not big on laying eggs, but if you are simply looking for a pet, then this breed of chicken will not let you down.

The D/Uccles Breed

The D/Uccles Breed is a very popular breed that was first bred in Belgium. They are feather footed, bearded and can be found in a wide variety of colors. D/Uclles are very slow to mature due to their unique coloring.

As with most Bantam breeds, they do well in confined spaces. D/Uccles are also known for being a lot less aggressive than most other bantam breeds. D/Uccles are also good brooders.

The Dutch Bantam Breed

This Breed of Bantam Chicken are incredibly small and weigh approximately 1 lbs. These chickens were developed in the Netherlands and is considered to be an extremely rare breed. There was a marked decline in this breed during World War II and was only reintroduced during the 1980's. Dutch Bantam's have a single comb and are clean legged.

The hens of this breed are considered as being excellent moms as they are very protective of their chicks. The rooster of this specie is also very aggressive and has at times been referred to as “snapping turtles”.

There are many more breeds of bantam chickens out there, both true breeds and as miniatures. Because some Bantam breeds can be very aggressive it is best to do thorough research before settling on one specific breed.

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