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Four of The Most Beautiful Chicken Breeds

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These are 4 Beautiful Birds

People do not only raise chickens as a source of eggs or meat, some people also raise chickens for show, or simply keep them because they consider them to be beautiful.

The fact of the matter is that some breeds of chickens are simply more beautiful than others.

What follows are some of the most beautiful chickens breeds out there as well as a brief description of why they are considered to be beautiful.


Barred Plymouth RockThe Barred Plymouth Rock

The Barred Plymouth Rock is considered a beautiful chicken, amongst other reasons, because of it's barring. The Bar pattern on the Barred Plymouth Rock make it a very distinctive bird to spot.

The Barred Plymouth Rock was developed in the 1800's by cross breeding Dominiques and Black Javas, thus producing their barred appearance.

Besides for it's barred appearance, the Barred Plymouth Rock also gained fame because of the shape of it's body. It is a plump chicken, with a long, broad and deep body.


AmeraucanaThe Ameraucana

Ameraucana chickens come in a variety of colors; White, Black, Blue, Blue Wheaton, Wheaton as well as Bluff.

The Ameraucana chicken is considered beautiful for it's full body, as well as it's full muff and beard.

It's muff and beard give the Ameraucana a particularly fluffy appearance, which appeals to most people.

The Ameraucana is also known as the “easter egg” chicken due to the uniqueness of their eggs.

They lay eggs that are light blue as well as blue-green in color. The rooster of this breed is also very beautiful as it has a long tail that stands at a perfect 45 degree angle.


CampineThe Campine

The Campine breed might not be one of the friendliest chickens out there but their gold and black appearance definetally makes it one of the most beautiful chicken breeds.

The Campine's upright carriage and beautiful plumage makes it a popular show bird.

Campine's have close fitting feathers and large combs, often also sporting zig-zag patterns. This is a breed that is most common in Northern-Europe, while being considered a rare in other parts of the world.


Buff OrpingtonThe Buff Orpington

The Buff Orpington is another popular breed amongst people looking for beautiful chickens. They are heavy birds and their feathers are loose fitting, which gives them an almost fluffy appearance.

They are clean legged and have a single comb. Besides for it's build, the Buff Orpington is also popular because of it's affectionate nature.

It loves to be socialized with and is therefor not only a worthy choice for one of the breeds of chickens kept for beauty, but also a great family pet.

These are but a few of the breeds of chickens kept for their beauty. With over 60 breeds of chickens out their all you have to do is to find a reliable breeding chart and to do a little research and you will be certain to find a breed that you will think is beautiful. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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