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Five Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Laying

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Tips for Picking 5 of The Best Egg Layers

Chicken Breeds for Egg LayingWhen choosing a breed of chicken for egg laying, you need to be sure to choose a breed with a production count of about 250 – 300 eggs per year.

You can then also choose between Chickens who lay white shelled eggs and chickens who lay brown shelled eggs.

Layers start producing eggs at about 5 months. Their first year of egg production will be their best year. After their first year, their production will slowly start to decline.

Layers keep laying eggs for approximately 10 years. Different egg laying chicken breeds produce different sized eggs as well as having different temperaments.

Let's have a look at the some of the best breeds of chickens for egg laying.

The Brahma Breed

Before the name Brahma was settled on, this chicken breed was also known as the Chittagongs, Shanghais as well as Brahmapootras.

The Brahma breed is a breed well suited to small spaces as well as having a mild temperament. They can be easily handled and have a tendency towards fatness.

This chicken egg laying breed can be considered an average egg layer and produces medium sized brown eggs.

The Leghorn Breed

The Leghorn (pronounced Leggern) breed is an ancient but well developed breed. Originally developed by the Romans for fortune telling, the Leghorn breed is one of the most popular chicken breeds in the world.

The Leghorn adapts well to confinement as well as free range. Leghorns also tend to be shy and avoid human contact.

They are also economical eaters. Chickens within this breed are considered to be one of the best breeds of chickens for egg laying. They produce pearl white, large to medium large eggs.

The Lakenvelder Breed

The Lakenvelder breed was developed in Germany in the 19'th century and is considered a rare breed. They can be used in confined spaces and as free range chickens.

Chickens within this breed are very shy and tend to avoid human contact. These chickens produce small, white eggs.

The Maran Breed

The Maran Breed was developed in France during the early 20'th century. Once considered a rare specie, they are now becoming more and more popular.

They can be used in confined spaces and as free range chickens. Their temperament is unpredictable and differs from flock to flock. They produce medium to large, dark, chocolate brown eggs.

The Hamburg Breed

Developed in Holland in the 1700's, the Hamburg breed is considered an ancient breed. Previous names include Pheasants, Moonies, Crescents, Corals and Everlayers. They are very economic eaters who like wide open ranges. They are high fliers and very active.

They generally tend to avoid human contact. They lay small, low-gloss, white eggs. These are just a few of the best. Their are many other breeds as well but these are the most popular.

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