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Black Australorp Chicken

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Black Australorp Chicken

Black Australorp Chicken

The Black Australorp chicken comes out of Australia and was developed from Black Orpingtons from England. They are a very easy chicken to care for.

The laying record was once achieved by a Black Australorp with laying 364 eggs in a years span.  


This breed was introduced to the United States in the early nineteen hundreds and has grown in popularity. 

These breeds of hens are rumored to be one of the best egg laying hens within the heavy breeds of birds.

The Black Australorp chicken is a huge bird weighing up to eight pounds at maturity and the hens weighting approximately seven pounds at maturity. 

The hens mature faster than the male breed and can produce eggs as early as six months of maturity. The Black Australorp chicken is known for its gentle, quiet demeanor. 

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