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White Chicken Egg Layer Breeds

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White Chicken Egg Layers

Chicken Breeds

White Chicken Egg Layers

Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken

This breed is not only alert but very snappy. The size is small but the body of this breed contains graceful outlines which prove very beautiful.

The Silver Spangled Hamburg Breed of white egg laying chickens derives out of England and Holland which is not called “The Netherlands”. 

This breed even in the long ago past was great white egg layers. The sizes of the eggs produced are medium in size. They  make great free ranging chickens.

The Silver Spangled Hamburg are small eaters and are very cost-efficient to raise. The silvery-white plumage contains greenish-black spangles. This breed has white ear lobes with blue toes and shanks. This breed is very pleasing to the eye.

Chicken Andalusia Chicken - White Chicken Egg Layers

This breed of chicken is very beautiful. The origins began in Andalusia Spain. This breed is also well known in the United States and England. 

The Blue Andalusians are very graceful birds. This breed is very popular for showing chickens.  The ideal feather color with the Blue Andalusians is slate-blue with a narrow lacing of dark blue. The males in this breed are blue-black. 

The skin color is white and the toes and shanks are a lead-blue in color. The hens are great layers of white and tinted eggs. Both sexes of this breed contain deep bodies with a lot of vitality.

They are larger than Leghorns and about the same as Minorca’s in size. A very unique feature of this chicken is the blue color which it contains. In our breeding flocks, on the blue males of the finest color are utilized.

Most of the baby chicks will become blue with the other chicks being white, black and mixed with black/white colors. This breed takes more of a skilled chicken farmer to raise.

Black Minorca Chicken - White Chicken Egg Layers

In the early seventeen hundreds, the Black Minorca made its debut at the Iowa State Fair and a blue ribbon was won by the breeder for his Black Minorca Cockerel. 

The Minorca’s are in the large Mediterranean Class with the Blacks being one of the finest breeds of their class. The hens lay white eggs and are non-setters.

Single Comb Brown Leghorn Chicken – White Chicken Egg Layers

This breed of chicken is the most colorful within the Leghorn breed. The hens lay white eggs and are non-setters. This breed has huge combs and white ear lobes with yellow skin, feet and shanks. 

The males of this breed are very handsome with orange saddle and hackles. Black stripes go down the center of each feather which is a very unique feature. The females contain a brown color and their wings are dark brown with their breasts sporting a salmon color.

Ancona Chicken – White Chicken Egg Layers

The Ancona’s are known for their abilities as great white egg layers. They are non-setters. The beautiful colors this breed sports is amazing.

Lustrous black plumage with white tips on every other feather.  In size they are equivalent to the Leghorn but can run a little heavier. Their dark color and temperament make them great birds to raise. 

If you have problems with foxes, hawks or other chicken and egg predators, this breed does not stand out as the other breeds do to predators. The Ancona breed is alert and fast.

Buff Minorcas Chicken – White Chicken Egg Layers

The Buff Minorcas have strong, long bodies on very firm, muscular legs.  They have large red combs and the hens will fall to one side almost covering their eyes. 

The hens are good white egg layers and are non-setters.  Their plumage is a golden buff color with the toes and shanks containing the color of pinkish-white.

Red Leghorn Chicken - White Chicken Egg Layers

This is a very unusual and rare breed. This breed is a favorite for showing chickens. The Red Leghorn contains a graceful undercarriage with a sweeping tail. 

White ear lobes and yellow toes and shanks throw into the beautiful plumage of this breed. The hens lay tented white eggs and are non-setters. The chicks are reddish brown with dark specks and markings being found on their backs.

The Pearl-White Leghorn Chicken – White Chicken Egg Layers

Many years of scientific research has gone into this particular breed of chicken. The pullets weigh on average approximately four pounds when they mature. 

They begin laying eggs at four and half months and continue to lay eggs twelve weeks longer than most other egg laying hens. The Pearl-White Leghorn is very resistant to disease with the feed to egg conversion rate being excellent.

Rose Comb Brown Leghorn Chicken – White Chicken Egg Layers

The Rose Comb Brown Leghorn contains the same plumage as the S.C variety of this breed but there is a difference between the varieties, the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn have rose combs which are low, thick, solid and covered with small rounded points.

The advantage of having the rose comb is that in cold climates it is less likely to be susceptible to frostbite. The dark color and of both the RC and SC varieties make for a great range bird where there are dangers of many predators.  This breed can run far and fast.

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