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White or Brown Eggs Which are The Best

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White or Brown Eggs

White or Brown Eggs

No matter the color of the egg the nutritional value, flavor, shell thickness or quality is not affected. 

The difference with brown and white eggs is definitely the price. Brown eggs are typically more expensive as compared to white eggs in any grocery store. 

One might ask why brown eggs are more expensive. Some people will tell you dot to be picky and to be thankful that you do not have chickens that will not lay at all.

The difference is not the taste, it’s the price

Hens which produce brown eggs in comparison to white egg producing hens require more maintenance which includes feed.  That extra expense is definitely passed onto the consumers.

  It’s cheaper to raise white-egg producing hens but brown eggs continue to sell off the shelves of grocery stores. If you are in this business to make money, you definitely should look into investing into brown-egg producing hens.

There are many myths involved with colors of hens and the colors of eggs

I have heard it said that hens with darker feathers and red earlobes produce brown eggs, while hens with white feathers and white earlobes produce white eggs. This is not always true. 

It is very typical for hens with white earlobes to produce white eggs and most hens with red ear lobes to lay brown eggs but ultimately, the color of the eggshell is merely a matter of genetics.

Which color of egg tastes better?

Are brown eggs tastier as compared to white eggs?  This is a matter of opinion.  Some believe the brown egg is more natural therefore offering better nutrients to consumers. 

Some people prefer the white eggs no matter the nutritional value involved.  Which egg is better tasting?  This depends on who is eating the egg.


The color of the egg greatly depends on the predisposed in producing a particular color of egg.  White Leghorns typically lay white eggs and Rhode Island Reds typically lay brown eggs. They are both the best breeds for egg laying.

If you are raising hens strictly to aid in feeding your family, then ensure you choose hens which produce the type of eggs your family enjoys.

If you are running a business, then I would recommend you invest into the breeds of hens which produce brown eggs. You will also need plenty of egg cartons to put them in. There are ways to get free egg cartons.

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