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Build A Chicken Coop

Build A Chicken Coop

How To Build A Chicken Coop Like A Real Farmer Would

If you need to know how to build a chicken coop then you’ve come to the right place and that is for sure!

I grew up on a farm and building different items was just something we did. If you want to house animals you will need a good quality barn or chicken coop, whatever the case. In this case I’ll be talking about how to build a chicken coop easy.

If you are not a good carpenter already, you will need to get a high quality manual.There are plenty of them on the internet. The thing is not all of these manuals are high quality, matter of fact some are just plain ole junk.

You will need to build your chicken coop properly or it can kill your chickens and cause a whole bunch of problems that are all completely avoidable if you know what you’re doing to begin with such as preparing the coop for baby chicks or winterizing the coop.

Not just anybody can write a how to build a chicken coop manual because not everybody has the experience building one. Not only did I build several of them but I know the in’s and out’s because when you have raised as many chickens as I have its a great feeling knowing that they are safe in the pens you have built. You just can not help but to learn a lot about chicken care.

This is what separates me from them. I know what works the best. I know how chickens behave in any kind of conditions. What you want is to build a chicken coop to last you for years with little to no maintenance

and that is user friendly as well. What you do not want to do is buy one of those cheap guides written by somebody who does not know what they’re talking about. You will be just looking at a bunch of unnecessary problems down the road.

If you need to build your chicken coop, get this guide. It will save you many hours of time and trouble. It is hands down the best of the best guides available.

How to Build a Chicken Coop | Pen Version A

Planning, planning and once more, planning. Building a chicken coop is a relatively simple procedure as long as you do your planning correctly. There are various elements that go into building a chicken pen, the most important of which are the size of the chicken pen as well as how effective your chicken pen will be at protecting your chickens from predators. The different breed of chickens you are going to raise does not matter or if they are Bantams or not

These two main elements will often influence other elements such as what materials you will use to build your pen or even where you will be building your chicken pen and therefor it is important to examine them before you start building a chicken pen.

Build a chicken coop 1

When considering the size of your chicken coop it is important to take into account how many chickens you would like to keep. As a general rule, each chicken should be provided with at least 3-5 square feet of space.

The reason for this is simply that for chickens to be healthy and productive, they need exercise and without the necessary space they will not be able to get sufficient exercise.

Protection The Flock

Protecting your chickens from predation is very important. The first thing you need to do when protecting your chickens is to make sure that you only use heavy gauge mess in the construction of your pen.

This is especially important when your pen will be built in an area filled with medium sized predators such as dogs and foxes (cats are not considered a threat to chickens). Also make sure that these types of predators are unable to dig their way into the chicken pen.

Now that you have the planning of your chicken pen out of the way, you can proceed to physically building a chicken pen the right way.

What you will need to make your chicken coop:

  • A tape measure, shovel, hammer, post hole diggers, wire cutters, staple gun, wrench, saw and level
  • Four to Eight sturdy anchor posts (the post can be either metal (2.5 circle) or wood – recommended (4" x 4" x 8')
  • PVC coated 1" chicken wire – 6' tall by however long you need (enough to build a pen that satisfies your needs)
  •  Some rock cement – like Portland or Ready mix
  •   4 hinges – 2 for the pen door and 2 for the coop door

Start by measuring off the size of your pen. Now, in the four corners of your pen, dig four holes approximately 20 inches deep. Place an anchor post in each hole and then pack some rocks around each post before filling up the holes. The rocks will provide your post with extra support.

Now you need to take the heavy duty gauge and tightly frame the four posts. Secure the top of the netting to the posts. The gauze should be about 5 feet high.

For added safety you could even staple some hardwood boards to the bottom of the fence. This will make it more difficult for foxes, dogs and other burrowing predators to get into your chicken pen.

Now all you need to do is build a gate that will give you access to the chicken pen that you just built and then your chicken pen will be complete and your chickens protected.

Build a chicken coop 3

How to Make a Chicken Coop Using a Free Wood  – Version B

Chickens are now fast becoming the pets which are liked by most of folks. Now days, Chicken are kept in the back yards and people who have children love to Build a Chicken House to raise these yard birds. They are not just for country folks anymore, many people in the enjoy having a few hens.

Chickens are dual utility birds they are meant for both eggs and meat depending upon their breed they generally varies from each other like the total amount of eggs they lay per year and how much they weigh and in certain features they vary from each other. 

A backyard chicken pen is generally used for providing shelter, food and the place to lay eggs for the hens and to save themselves from the predators and also the faces of chickens which is used as a best fertilizer.

While constructing a house we have to consider certain things like ventilation, positioning, nesting, perches, litter collection and especially the chicken pen fencing .You should have good knowledge about the local environment so that the chickens can be safeguarded to fit to the environmental weather conditions and protected from the local predators (foxes, cats, hawks etc which are enemies to chickens).  

Depending upon the number of chickens you want to place in the house the size will vary accordingly. Likely, self enclosed mid size chicken pen is suitable for 4 chickens, small portable chicken coop.

Getting Free Wood

Dumpster diving is the best method to get some free wood. Just look anywhere construction is going on. There will always be tons of very good boards in the dumpster.

From my experience I have never been told that I could not get in the dumpster and take whatever I wanted, all I had to do was ask if workers were present.

*Note – DO NOT take anything that is NOT in the dumpster in case no one is around, it would be stealing.

If you are thinking to grow 10 to 15 chicken in your coop, then large two story chicken pen is the suitable one. A large premium chicken house is the best place if you are planning to accommodate up to 50 chickens.

Generally while constructing a coop we should consider the thing that it should be easily cleaned because excess of ammonia content causes respiratory illness.

This makes a necessity to clean it every month and feces is used as fertilizer and there should be more space for the movement of these chickens from one place to other place with in the coop. 

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Find The Size

Generally to construct a hen house for 8 chickens one require a 4.5 square feet space per chicken ,3 nests , 9" perch length for each chicken and it also be needed other nails, hinges, door latches, door bolts, window catches, galvanized flashings for openings, roof ridge cap, wire cloth or mesh for any permanent openings or air ventilation.

Build a chicken coop 2

All these are the things that are to be taken care depending on the number of chickens we want to grow and depending up on our thinking we should increase the limits.   

The floor is covered with wood shavings to take deep litter. wooden pallets are generally used for shed purpose and it can be generally worked as a good example for the recycling products. Once you get all your products, you can build a chicken coop easy.

Here is a link for a great in depth guide that shows you step by step and has many different models to choose from that I highly recommend, by the way, it is for beginners to advanced. Click here.

    Build A Chicken House