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Easiest to Care for Breeds of Chicken

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The Beginners List of Chicken Breeds

Easiest to Care for Breeds of ChickenThere are various types of chicken varieties available since many years. Chickens are the good backyard pets.

Several thousands of chicken breeds are noticeable depending on the geographical area of globe.

Chicken breeds are distinguishable based on the size, comb type, skin and plumage color, egg color and place of their origin.

As from the historic times, the chickens are most famous farm animals for farmers and homesteaders.

Here, follow some of the finest Easiest to Care for Breeds of Chicken. Along with the some of the best egg laying breeds as well.

Andalusian Chicken

This breed is one of the most popular Mediterranean breed. Best chicken breed for the easiest care. These have originated from Spain.

This breed has many characteristic features. It posses long body and tail with compact feathers composed of black color. These types of chickens lay eggs early. So they can be farmed mainly for egg purposes.

They can give up to 160 eggs per year.

Black Australorp Chicken

This is an Black Australian chicken. This bird is large. Their feathers are very soft. They posses black feathers with green sheen. It posses one comb. This is upright and posses distinct features.

The bird is strong and can lay many eggs and meat.

Ancona Chicken

This is originated from Italy. These are very easy to farm in wide range of environmental conditions. The plumage of Ancona is mottled black posses some white speckles.

They have very high feathers. Rose or single comb is the unique feature of these types of chickens, which are medium in size.

They are strong and have excellent egg laying ability.

Cochin Chicken

These chickens are originally bred in china. It is the good breed of chicken. The plumage is plentiful, which gives a typical appearance to the bird with large feathers. 

Cochin birds are available in wide varieties such as buff, clack, partridge, blue, splash, and white.

These breeds are well known for good mothers because they set the best.

Chantecler Chicken

This breed is from Canada. They posses yellow skin, beaks and lay brown colored eggs. The comb is small and posses wattles. 

This is cold resistant bird known for its good meet and eggs.

Plymouth Rock Chicken

These are simple, very good-looking and easily handled chickens. These breeds were developed in America. These breeds are very hardy, and live for long days.

These birds are great layers and can lay both medium and large sized eggs.

Bresse Chicken 

These chickens are from the regions of France. These are most popular for its rich, tender flesh which is delicious too. There are many varieties in Bresse type of chickens. The Beny is the best grown variety with red crown, blue feet and white feathers.

These breeds are useful for rearing in small farms.

Fayoumi Chicken

These chickens are primarily cultivated for their eggs. These birds can fly up to certain height without any difficulty. Thus, they can escape very easily. They are very strong and early maturing chickens.

Hamburg Chicken

These are used from very olden days in domesticated poultry farming. There are many types of breeds of chickens for easy care. They are known for their egg laying abilities, while many others are farmed for both purposes, for meat and eggs.

These birds are known for soft feather and eggs.

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