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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Dogs

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Dogs – Not a Chickens Best Friend

Chicken and Egg Predators aka – DogsDogs love to go after your chickens.  Dogs react differently to chickens.  Some dogs will ignore chickens while some enjoy chasing them. 

Some dogs do not intentionally try to hurt your chickens however; this can happen easily even if the dog is only in a playful mood and wants to chase something. 

Some dogs are just flat-out mischievous and where they do not want to hurt the chickens, they quite frankly, enjoy viewing chickens run.

No matter the personality of your dog, they are still threats to your chickens

It does not matter the demeanor of your dog, they can turn on the drop of a dime and begin chasing your chickens.  As I stated earlier, all dogs react differently to chickens but nonetheless, they pose a serious threat to your chickens.

Ideally, you would want to train your dog to protect the chickens from chicken snake predation or any other types of predation.

Insist leashes are used on dogs around your chickens

I would highly recommend that you leash any dog that has never been around animals such as chickens.  There is not a quick fix in getting your dog or anyone else’s dog use to coexisting with chickens. 

When it’s not your dog that is chasing your chickens, this is when it becomes a true problem not only for your chickens but yourself.  You have to speak to the owner of the dog that is chasing your chickens. Prepare yourself because neighbors are not always “neighborly”. 

Try your best to be nice while remaining stern that they need to control their dog or keep the dog off your property. Hopefully this task can be performed and nipped in the bud before you lose a chicken.

  Just simply inform your neighbor that their dog was in your yard chasing the chickens and then ask them to help you out by controlling their dog before it becomes a problem.

Wild dogs are to be deal with harshly; they are not only a threat to your chickens but family

There is also the threat of wild dogs which come from time to time from the woods.  You should treat these wild dogs the same way which you would treat a coyote or fox.  Domestic dogs typically do not just randomly kill other animal.

Dog attacks

The way to know a dog attacked your chickens is that you will commonly find a bird with a broken neck or they might be mauled.  Typically, dogs just attack chickens to kill them not eat them. 

The chicken will be left where it was killed.  When the chicken stopped struggling is when the dog got bored and left the chicken where it died.

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