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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Raccoon

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Raccoons are a Chickens Worse Nightmare

Chicken and Egg Predators aka – RaccoonKeeping your chickens safe from predators is a concern all chicken owners have because predators can wipe out the entire flock of your pride and joy in just one night especially dogs.

You must understand that humans are not the only species which enjoy the delectable taste of chicken. 

Your chicken coop design must be as such to keep out chicken predators at all costs. Reinforcements at the bottom of the pen and any other means of easy access must be eliminated.

Your chicken coop should be built with your chicken’s safety in mind which is why you must build your coop solidly.

Predators want your chickens

There are numerous types of predators who want to kill your chickens.  The kinds of predators who will target your chickens greatly depend on the area which you live.  The predator I want to touch upon in this article is the raccoon.

Raccoons are very smart animals

Raccoons are masked bandits who are sly and very capable of preying on your chickens.  They contain an opposeable thumb and they have and can prove to be quite the burglars. 

Raccoons are very smart and figure out how gadgets work.  They can figure out how to open a latch or door.  If you have raccoons in your area, then you need to install a door which would prove complicated for Raccoons to enter.

Look into complicated latches and locks for your chicken coops

Try installing a more complicated latch on the door to your chicken coop or you can place a lock on the chicken coop.  Every added protection you can give to your chicken coop with Raccoons would prove useful in keeping these bandits out.

Raccoons like to carry off your chickens and chicken eggs

If a raccoon gains entry into your chicken coop, they will typically kill many of your chickens.  Most of the time after a raccoon attack; you will find bodies of your chickens still inside the chicken coop because the raccoon more than likely had problems carrying your chickens away.  Raccoons usually kill chickens by ripping in their necks with their teeth.


Raccoons will rip open the necks of chickens while eating at the crop and have even been known to rip the breast open and eat that part of the chicken as well. 

You must always protect your eggs from Raccoons as well as chicken snakes.  The eggs are a delicacy for this animal and they are very much capable of carrying many eggs at a time where they store them and eat them at their leisure.

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