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Backyard Chickens: How to Stop Chicken Predation

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Four Important Preventative Predation Facts

How to Stop Chicken PredationIf you own chickens, no matter where you live, your birds are under constant threat from predators.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security, believing that foxes and other animals will not pose a threat, because you live in a town or city. A lot of predators call the suburbs home.

No matter where you are, carnivorous animals will be attracted to your garden or yard by your birds.

Subsequently, it is vital for chicken owners to do all they can to predator proof their chicken run and coop.

Here are a few tips on how to protect your birds from a predatory attack.

Ensure All Fencing is Secure

It is a good idea to use robust wire when constructing your chicken run or fencing around the coop. Make sure that there are no gaps, regardless of how small they may be.

Remember, foxes and similar animals are very wily and if there is any way for them to enter your chickens’ enclosure, they will find it.

A Chicken Runs Needs a Roof

Predators are also very persistent and have no problem climbing a wire fence. Subsequently, all chicken runs should have a wire roof to prevent an animal from climbing into your chickens’ home.

Predators May Also Tunnel

Yes, like the Great Escape, foxes and other animals will dig underneath a fence to gain entry.

Therefore, it is recommended that all chicken owners bury a 3ft wide section of wire in the ground surrounding the chickens’ enclosure.

Bear in mind that once the wire is in position, turf can cover it, so it need not be an eyesore.

Think About the Location of Your Chicken Coop

Many chicken owners find that placing the chickens’ house closer to their own home helps to deter predators.

Partly, this is because many animals will be reluctant to approach an area that is near humans, but it also means that if your chickens are in danger, you are likely to hear their calls of distress.

Be Sure to Secure Your Birds at Night

Obviously, your chickens are most susceptible to an attack at night, although predators can strike during the day too.

It is strongly advised that chicken owners check that no doors or windows in the coop are left open over night.

It is not possible to prevent predators approaching your property, but it is possible to ensure that your chickens are as safe as possible. Predators can cause utter devastation to a flock of chickens.

Many of them will kill for sport, not just for a meal. Therefore, one fox can kill every bird in your flock. Subsequently, all chicken owners should take measures to ensure the safety of their birds.


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