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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Snakes

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The Best Defense is a Great Offense

Chicken and Egg Predators aka – SnakesProtecting your baby chickens and eggs from predators should begin first with a great offense.

You know the old saying " The Best Defense is a Great Offense"

The first thing which you must do is remove all hiding spots for predators around or in your chicken coops. 

Ensure that you mow the grass and cut back any shrubs which are around your chicken coops.

You want to remove any places where predators can lurk or hide when they decide they want your chickens for dinner or an early morning snack. If you take care of all the ways a predator can move in, you do not have to worry about getting them to move out. Hawks are the exception to this because they fly in or out of the pen.

The best offense in keeping out predators from your chicken coops is keeping the coops nice and neat. Most of the chicken predators do not enjoy traveling across wide-open spaces therefore; clearing out the berth around your chicken coops will be a wonderful deterrent. 

They Just Keep On Keeping On

Chicken predators will more times to none go to great lengths in trying to get your chickens.If you have a fence, submerge minimally two feet of plywood along the edge of the chicken coops to keep out the chicken predators. If you are on a budget, use an extra heavy guage wire. 

No matter what you utilize, make sure it’s stable and sturdy while attaching it to the fence posts with cables or nails. I want to touch on the topic of snakes who like to prey upon your chickens. 

Snakes will prey on chicken eggs primarily therefore, when you go out to collect eggs or merely taking a look at your chickens, you might find an egg snake or what is commonly called a chicken snake eating the eggs.

Do Not Take Chances – Know Your Snake Species

Please be careful because sometimes these snakes can turn out to be rattle snakes which depends on what geographic location you live in. Some of these snakes are rattlesnakes or possibly other venomous breeds of snakes.  These types of snakes not only pose a threat to your chickens but you.

Snakes are very much typical when you live in an area which is surrounded by woodlands. You will know a snake has struck in your chicken coops when you begin missing eggs or you begin finding egg shells lying around in your chicken coop. 

Predators like foxes also love chicken eggs. Most animals have to learn to eat eggs where as the Texas Rat Snake eats the naturally.

These snakes are great for catching rodents and keeping your garden cleared out however, they enjoy the delectable taste of chicken eggs and they posses a serious threat to your egg supply.

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