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How to Clip a Chickens Wings

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Trimming The Flight Wings Just Right

How to Clip a Chickens WingsOne of the most common methods of keeping a chicken from flying over your fence is by clipping its wings, or I should rather say its wing feathers.

Although domestic chickens are largely flightless birds, they are still able to muster up enough flight steam to get into a branch to spend the night roosting safe from predators.

Obviously the larger the breed of your flock, the more difficulty they have flying, but it is not a happy thought to have your chickens escaping out of the yard.

Especially when you have lovingly spent a good deal of money and on them and spent some time and effort raising them. This is how to clip a chickens wings:

Just Clip One Side

To overcome this problem, it is possible to clip their wing feathers and the best method is to shear the first 10 flight feathers, but on one wing only. If the chickens are small you will not need to sex your chickens because they both can fly equally the same.

This unbalances them and makes them unable to fly. Just remember that this technique will only last as long as it takes for these feathers to grow back again so it usually has to be repeated.

With an adult bird these feathers will grow back after the next molt, but with a younger bird this may be sooner. The clipped feather may also not fall out during the molt, so you may need to remove them.

This process should be carried out with a sharp pair of shears or scissors and it does not appear to hurt the chicken. It also cannot be seen when they are trotting around the yard as the flight feathers are hidden underneath the folded wing.

Locate The Flight Feathers

These feathers are easy to distinguish, but you have to open the wing to see them. They are a different color from the other wing feathers, but be sure to use a sharp instrument and be quick.

Look at some before and after photos as this will give you a better idea if what you are doing is right. It is not dangerous as long as you are careful, just take care that you don’t clip your own wings in the process.

In fact, the most difficult part of this process is actually catching the chicken, so make sure yours are used to being handled and get them used to this from an early age.

If they believe you are sidling up to them to give then a friendly scratch on the head, they may be easier to catch. It is best not to clip a chickens wings when they are molting.

Even if you believe your little backyard flock is not going anywhere, it is still important to clip their wings. You would be heartbroken if one got over the fence and into a confrontation with a predator or overexcited neighborhood dog.

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