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A Few of The Easiest Breeds for Beginner’s

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Try These Chickens to Start With

Most chicken breeds are easy to care for. Once you have a coop and pen for them, all you really need to do is provide them with some feed and water as well as cleaning their coop/pen every now and then.

If you are looking into breeds of chickens that are easy to care for beginners, then you should look into a breed that provides you with a sturdy chicken who is also an economical eater.  If the breed also copes well during the winter months, then it's an added bonus.

The following chicken breeds are the breeds that will most likely require the least amount of work from you as an owner, while at the same time providing you with a fair amount of eggs each year.

Leghorn ChickenThe Leghorn Chicken

The Leghorn (pronounced Leggern) breed is an ancient but well developed breed. The Leghorn breed is also one of the worlds best known breeds. They are excellent scavengers and very economical eaters, which make them excellent, low maintenance free range chickens.

The wonderful thing about the Leghorn breed is not only that they are excellent free range chickens, but that they can also be kept in confined spaces. Chickens within this breed are some of the best egg producers in the world.

Australorp ChickensThe Australorp Chicken

Black Australorp are great pets as well as being a breed of chicken that is easy to care for. Not only do they allow themselves to be handled and picked up, something that is essential in a bird when you have kids.

They also lay a fair amount of eggs each year. Because of their mild temperament, they also get along well with other chickens.

They are also great free range chickens as they are known for being quite sturdy, great scavengers as well as economical eaters who only need minimal extra support during the winter months when feed tends to be scarce.

Hamburg Chickens

The Hamburg Chickens

Hamburg chickens are very economic eaters which make them perfect for free ranging as well as easy to care for. Hamburg chickens are also known for coping well in the cold.

The only complicated thing about these chickens is that they are high fliers, so when keeping Hamburg chickens, it is important to clip their wings on a regular basis in order to prevent them from flying away.

Besides for clipping their wings every now and then, Hamburg chickens are truly one of the breeds of chickens that are easy to care for.

Some of the other breeds of chickens that are easy to care for due to their sturdiness, economical eating and ability to survive in any climate, include chickens within the following breeds; Ameraucana, Brahma, Easter Eggers, Jersey Giant, Marans (especially for cold climates), Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Sussex, Sumatra and Silkie.

There are many more breeds of chickens that are easy to care for beginners. These are the most common.

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