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Chickens That Will Not Lay Eggs

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Chickens That Will Not Lay Eggs

Golf Balls or Glass Eggs

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Some people place golf balls or glass eggs in their nest boxes for chickens that will not lay eggs. It helps to have the best egg laying breeds to start with instead of of meat, show or some other type of hen.

It really does not matter which color of eggs you are trying to get. Be it white or brown chicken eggs.

It tricks the chickens to lay eggs while deterring them from pecking on the eggs because they think they already have laid. 

One problem with this method that some farmers have encountered is the undying devotion that hens have to their eggs.

Some hens will literally not want to get off the fake eggs believing that it will hatch.

This is great mothering skills but not well for cleaning the area or the production of eggs by the hen.

Dealing with chickens that will not lay eggs while encouraging them to lay in their nesting area. What you can do if this occurs is take the fake eggs out.  Some hens can get broody and will set on the eggs for weeks on end attempting to hatch the eggs. 

Chickens That Will Not Lay Eggs = Laying Pellets

Depending if you are feeding any brand of laying pellets or what is your percentage. This is a for sure fix to get your hen back on the right path.

Either start feeding the laying pellets at a 33% and slowly increase until you get the desired results you are wanting, meaning, how many eggs. I personally use 33% Layena to 67% hen scratch for about five days a week.

I usually feed them table scraps for the two other days but not consecutively. The later in the year it gets, as it gets hotter, I may have to increase it to a 50/50 ratio. Some years I have to while other years I do not, there is no rhyme or reason why.

Some people encounter problems with hens wanting to nest in other areas instead of where they are intended to lay eggs.  When this occurs, you need to encourage the chickens will not lay eggs to lay where she is suppose to.

Ensure the bedding for your hen is adequate You can try checking out the bedding in the nest you made for her, make sure it’s adequate. 

Some plastic curtain over the front of your nesting area while making it more private for your hen.  Add some golf balls or glass eggs in the nests. Place one in each nest making it look like other hens are laying eggs there. Straw shavings or soft hay?

There have been comparisons performed with straw shavings and soft hay being used in the nesting area for the hens.  Most hens prefer hay so try it if you have not already for just the chickens will not lay eggs. 

The golf balls sometimes work and sometimes they do not work when trying to encourage the nesting area to your hens. Make some needed additions which will attract the hen to her nesting area. 

Chickens That Will Not Lay Eggs = A Rooster?

Roosters always seem to get my chickens will not lay eggs laying again providing that there has not been a major change in the weather like a very bad thunder storm, severe heat or a big time cold front. These scenarios tend to affect the laying hens for a several days at the most, not for several weeks.

You can always construct a ramp which leads up to the entrance of the nesting area for your hen.  Some hens might even prefer to fly into the nesting area when they are ready to drop an egg. 

You need to have straw in the nesting area.  Do not overdo it on the hay in the nesting area, unbelievably; hens prefer less hay in the nesting area.  They will throw out what they are unhappy with, this should fix those problems chickens will not lay eggs

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