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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Opossums

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The "Possum" Will Not Leave The Coop

Until The Meal is Finished

Chicken and Egg Predators aka – OpossumAs a responsible business owner and chicken owner, you should be concerned about chicken predators. 

There are predators which enjoy the taste of your chickens and they will attempt virtually almost anything in obtaining your chickens. 

Your chicken coop design must consist of a safe design in protecting your chickens from predators including Fisher Cats and Raccoons.

Construct your chicken coop with safety for your chickens in mind

The safety of your chickens should be the focus of any design which you create for your chicken coop.  Numerous predators want to kill your chickens.

The type of predators largely depends on where you live.  The predator I want to touch upon is the Opossum.

You do not want these marsupials in your chicken coop

The opossum or sometimes commonly titled “possum” can wreak a lot of havoc on your chickens if they gain entrance into your chicken coop.  This predator is the only marsupial in North America.

Pay attention to small openings in the chicken coop

Opossums will gain access to your chicken coop usually through small openings.  The goal of the opossum is primarily the chicken eggs.  This predator will also target baby chickens.  It is rare but opossum’s have also been known to attack adult birds.

Opossums enjoy eggs and baby chickens

More times than none, opossums will go for chicken eggs and baby chickens.  If they do attack adults, they will usually bite the necks of the adult birds and tear at the abdomen area of the chicken.


You will know an opossum attacked your chickens when you find dead chickens in the chicken coop.  Not unlike the raccoon, opossum’s have trouble getting their victims and spoils out of the chicken coop.

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