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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Fisher Cats

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The Weasel Family's Deadliest

Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Fisher CatsThese chicken predators known as Fisher cats are rare.  The attacks by these chicken predators are more common within the Northern part of the United States

Fisher cats are not cats

Fisher cats do not fish for food and they literally are not cats at all. They are a member of the Mustelid family which goes along with otters, skunks, minks and weasels. 

They are one of the biggest within their family and are great climbers.  These cats will view regular house cats and rabbits as prey and they also enjoy eating squirrels.

Cat-like reflexes and great climbing ability

Fisher cats will raid your chicken coop if they have the opportunity.  If these cats gain entry into your chicken coops, they will not only kill one chicken, they will take out a whole flock if given the opportunity. They are about the size of a raccoon or a opossum but longer.

These animals are very much like cats in the sense that they have cat-like reflexes and they can climb virtually anything.

Rarely seen animals

They can gain entry into your chicken coop in very odd ways.  Small holes or coming into the coop from the top is not a problem for the Fisher cat.  Fisher cats are very elusive animals and are rarely seen due to their sneaky ways.

Fisher cats do not give up easily

These cats do most of their hunting in the early evenings, at night and early in the mornings.  Fisher cats are attracted by things other than chickens.  You want to ensure that you have your chicken feed stored securely because these cats enjoy the taste of it. 

Chicken feed which is not properly stored will attract many types of animals that the Fisher cat enjoys to eat.  Once these cats come into close proximity of your chicken coop, they will virtually try every thing imaginable to gain entry into the chicken coop.


You will know a Fisher cat killed your chickens when you discover chickens that are missing their neck and heads.  Fisher cats enjoy the breast of chickens so if you view an open chest wound of one of your chickens, chances are, a Fisher cat made it into your chicken coop.

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