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Free Ranging Chickens: What You Should Know

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Free Ranging Chickens What You Should KnowMany people ponder raising their own chickens. Maybe it is a hankering to return to the good old days when life was simpler or perhaps it is merely a desire to offer good wholesome food to their families.

Whatever the reason, raising your own chickens can be satisfying, fun and easy especially if they are raised organically.

Here are some things you may like to know before beginning to raise your own free range chickens.

The Difference Between Factory and Free Range Chickens

The majority of eggs that are available from a supermarket are factory farmed, meaning that the hens spend their time indoors and are often kept in very cramped conditions, which can lead to ill health.

Free range chickens, on the other hand, spend a large amount of time outdoors, able to experience fresh air and get lots of sunlight.

Typically, a free range chicken is far healthier than a factory chicken, therefore the eggs from free range chickens are usually better for you.

However, purchasing free range eggs from a supermarket can be very expensive. Owning your own chickens could be the ideal solution.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Room

That’s right, you do not need a large country home with lots of land to rear chickens. In fact, a growing number of people own chickens in towns and cities.

Of course, this will largely depend upon the number of chickens that you plan to keep, but, generally speaking, it is possible to keep chickens in even a modest space.

However, it is always a good idea to have a chicken run as well as a coop to ensure that your birds are getting enough natural light and fresh air.

You Need to Protect Against Predators

Even in cities, animals, such as foxes, will find your birds an attractive meal prospect.

So, regardless of your locale, it is important to construct a chicken coop and chicken run that cannot be penetrated by predators.

Don’t forget, predators can climb and dig, so your chicken run will need a roof and a buried section of wire to keep out unwanted visitors.

Be Sure to do Your Homework

Keeping and caring for chickens is fairly simple, because their needs are basic. However, before venturing into rearing your own free range chickens, it is wise to research the topic thoroughly.

You will find copious information available on the internet, where you can find chicken owners who will be able to offer advice to a novice. Alternatively, you may find useful information in your local library.

Healthy free range chickens can provide excellent quality eggs for you and your family. If you have a particularly good yield, you may even consider selling your eggs locally.

Raising chickens has many rewards, so if you’ve ever considered having your own flock, find out more about it today.

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