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How to Build a Chicken Roost

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All Chickens Need a Place to Sleep

How to Build a Chicken RoostA chicken roost should not be confused with a chicken nest or box. A chicken nest or box is where a hen will go to lay eggs.

A roost is simply beams placed within the coop or pen on which the chickens can perch.

A chicken roost is where a chicken sleeps that is up off the ground to protect themselves from ground predators, it is a natural instinct.

Generally, chickens prefer not to sleep in boxes or nest, thus it is essential for all chicken coops or pens to have roosts.

Before looking at the different chicken roost formations, it is important to talk about the best materials to use for a chicken roost.

Roosting is Natural

Most chickens prefer roosting on roosts that are about 2 inches in diameter as this allows them to securely grasp on to the roost when sleeping.

Some chicken breeds, such as Bantam Chickens, are smaller than others and therefor you will need to use a roost that is about 1 inch in diameter.

The most basic and common roost formation is simply slightly elevated beams placed along the floor of the coop or chicken pen.

It is important not to place the beams to high as it should be easy for the chickens to get on and off of the roost. A foot high will be more than enough.

The Ladder Style

One of the most popular roost formations is the Step Ladder formation. When making this chicken roost, you basically need to build a ladder using either 2 x 2 inch beams, or smaller ones for smaller chickens, or even actual tree limbs.

Once the ladder is built, let it lean against one of the chicken coop/pen walls at approximately a 45 degree angle, making sure that the first wrung of the ladder is about one foot off of the ground.

This will then allow the chickens to easily move up and down the roost when roosting. Building a chicken roost is a very simple exercise, yet it is one of the most important parts of any chicken coop or pen

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