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How to Care for Baby Chicks – Very Important

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Caring for Your Baby Chickens

The Do's and Dont's

How to Care for Baby ChicksLearning how to care for baby chicks is a very important start to your new chicks life and health. The first thing that you need to know is not to pick them up to much.

Handling them a lot might injure them. If you have to pick up a chick, slip one hand underneath the chick while placing one hand on top of it, holding it firmly, but not too tightly.

Secondly, it is important when caring for a baby chicks to remember that they need heat. You should try to keep their pen/coop between 90 and 95 degrees F for the first week, reducing it every week until you eventually settle at a heat of 70 degrees F.

Proper Light Bulb Wattage

The easiest way for you to achieve this is to place 250-watt light bulb 18 inches above the floor of your coop/pen. Use one light for 50 chicks in cold weather and one light for a hundred chicks in warm weather. Do not overheat the chicks though.

Make sure that there is a place in the coop that the chicks can go to if they are to warm. To isolate your coop from cold air coming in from the outside you can place cardboard and empty feed sacks around the edges of the coop/pen.

This will add to keeping your chicks warm and healthy. You should also spread an inch worth of either wood shavings, ground cobs or rice hulls on the bottom of the chick coop/pen. Once the chicks are safe and warm, you need to teach them about feed and the feeder.

To do this you need to place a newspaper under the feeder after which you sprinkle some feed on the newspaper, leading up to the feeder. Lessen the amount you sprinkle around the feeder every day, or even sprinkle a little baby grit over the feed on the newspaper.

By lessening the amount of feed you sprinkle on the newspaper as well as by sprinkling some grit on the feed, you are forcing the chicks to start using the feeders. When putting your chicks into their coop, first dip their beaks into the waterer. 1-Gallon chick waterer will provide enough water for 50 chicks.

The First 4 Weeks

When caring for chicks, for the first 4 weeks of a chicks life, make sure that each chick has 6 square inches of floor space. After 4 weeks increase this to 9 square inches. After 4 weeks you will also need to add another waterer.

You must now also upgrade the type of feed that you are using. It is best to use chick starter for the first 6 to 10 weeks depending on the breed and growth rate. On warm, sunny days you can start letting the chicks out into a fenced pen.

Just make sure that there are no big holes that will either allow the chicks to escape or allow predators into the pen. These are a few simple steps on how to care for a baby chick. If they are day old baby chicks then you should not use this guide until they are a week or older.

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