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How to Care for Day Old Chicks

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How to Care for Day Old ChicksDay old chicks cannot maintain their own body heat without the aid of a heat source.

Groups of baby chicks can warm themselves by huddling together which is why day old chicks can be shipped unbelievably through the postal system.

A lot of people ask the same question of “What kind of brooder should I use?” When using a brooder, it is assumed that the room is heated.

If you do not have a heated room to place your brooder in, you definitely need a backup.

Heat Lamps are a Must Have

A heated lamp with a 250 watt bulb suspended approximately twenty to twenty-four inches high is how to care for day old chicks. This works well but is dependent on the draft guard which you can make out of plywood, roofing paper or other things.

The heat lamp should be high enough allowing the chicks to sprawl out in its warmth. You do not want your heat lamp too low for they will push and shove to get into the beam.

If your day old chicks begin peeping loudly, this means that they are cold and you probably have your heat lamp too high. You do not want your bulb to fall to the ground. This is a serious safety hazard and can set your litter on fire.

Secure the bulb with a chain while allowing the cord to act as a safety line in case it falls off the chain. You want to ensure that your brooder has been running for approximately a day prior to your chicks coming home.

Everything Has to Stay Dry

The litter/wood shavings in under the brooder must be warn and dry before your chicks arrive. In inclimate weather, it’s very important to avoid floor drafts with draft guards that encircle your brooder. This will keep the draft way from the chicks.

The more cold the weather is, the more close your draft guard should be to the heat. In hot weather, the draft guard can be larger or you can make it out of mesh wire as compared to cardboard.

This keeps the chicks near the brooder without stopping drafts. Ensure that you water your them right away.

The Water and Feed

The water should be luke warm. You want the waterers close to the floor because the day old chicks at this point have no instinct in searching for water above ground level. You should feed your chicks every three hours after being placed in the brooder.

This gives your them time to drink. For the first two days, it’s a great idea not to feed your chicks. You can give them a little cracked corn or chick scratch.

How to care for your day old chicks by providing them a whole-grain diet for the first couple of days which reduces their volume of feces. After the two days, chick starter should replace the grain. You can also read the baby chicks buyer guide as it contains more helpful information.

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