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How to Care for Your Chickens

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The 3 Most Important Facts

How to Care for Your ChickensWhen caring for your chickens there are a few basic elements to consider.

The most important of these elements include; shelter, feed, water as well as hygiene.

1 – Shelter

There a few basic things to consider when  choosing what shelter to provide for your chickens.

If you don't have a lot of space, then building a coop is your best bet.

Just make sure that each chicken has enough space to move around in ( 3-5 square feet per chicken).

If space isn't an option, then you can have both a chicken coop as well as a pen attached to this coop. Whatever you choose, one thing that you must make sure of is that your chickens are protected from the elements. If you live in a hot area, make sure that the coop has sufficient ventilation.

If it is rainy, make sure that your coop's roof is water proof. If it is cold, put in some 250- Watt light bulbs to provide the chickens with some heat. Make to to winterize your coop. Finally you also need to make sure that your shelter is well built as any weakness will be exposed any predators and this could lead to heavy losses so this why it is so important to know how to care for your for chickens.

2 – Feed and Water

Chickens can eat  leftovers from your meals. Just make sure that when feeding leftovers, large items, should be cut into smaller pieces. It is important, if you do this, to supplement their diet with store bought food supplements.

At the very least, when caring for chickens, it is important to provide them with access to limestone as this will also keep them healthy. Make sure that the feed and water that you provide is split up into many different feeders and waters as this will prevent fights amongst the chickens.

Food must also always be kept dry and out of the rain otherwise it will go sour. Regularly remove old food and wash both the feeders and watering bowls. It is also very important to realize that breeding hens need a special, calcium rich diet.

If you are not sure what supplements to feed them just visit your local pet shop or feeding store. There you will find a whole host of commercial products that will ensure that your breeding chickens remain healthy.

3 – Hygiene

Make sure that you clean the chicken coop at least once a week. This does not take very long (about 30 minutes) but is very important since chickens are messy. Chicks to get wet from time to time so you should know how to save a wet chick if necessary.

Spreading wood chips on the floor of the coop will absorb the mess as well as making it easy for you to clean. If you do not have access to wood chips then grass clippings will also work. When one chicken becomes sick, it is important to immediately remove the chicken from the coop as contact with other chickens could infect them.

Just following these simple pointers helps you know how to care for your for chickens will go a long way in insuring that your chickens remain healthy and productive. If you need to build your chicken coop, get this guide. It will save you many hours of time and trouble. It is hands down the best of the best guides available.

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