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How to Disinfect Your Chicken Pen

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7 Steps to Sanitize Your Chicken Coop

How to Disinfect Your Chicken PenAll chicken owners will be aware that some pests, parasites and bugs will choose to call your chicken coop home.

Of course, the danger is that these can become full-scale infestations if not dealt with.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly disinfect your chicken coop and keep it clean at regular intervals.

If you’re new to chicken owning or would like some tips on the best way to disinfect your hen house, then these easy to follow steps will help you along the way.

Step One

This is the most obvious, step is to keep your chicken coop clean. Ensure that you are cleaning it and replacing nesting material at least once a week and even more frequently if you have a large flock. Remember, an unclean coop will be all the more inviting to those pests.

Step Two

When it comes to disinfecting your coop, it is best to perform this operation during the summer. Of course, this is when your birds will be spending more time outside, but it will also be a more pleasant chore for you if the sun is shining.

Step Three

Firstly, you will need to take all nesting materials out of the coop and dispose of them. Then, you need to scrub the coop thoroughly. If you have a jet wash or power washer, it will come in very handy in the cleaning process.

Step Four

If you don’t have a jet wash, then an ordinary hose will do. Alternatively, the good old-fashioned bucket of soapy water and brush will do the trick equally well. Whichever way you choose to clean the coop, ensure that you have cleaned everything including the roof and the walls.

Step Five

Once you have hosed and scrubbed, you can then begin to disinfect the coop. There are many disinfectants that are specifically designed for use with birds, these products can be found in most good pet or livestock suppliers. Whichever brand of disinfectant you choose, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step Six

Ideally, the disinfectant should be used all over the coop, but it is especially important to disinfect the nesting boxes, perches and floor, as your birds will have most contact with those areas.

Step Seven

Once the coop has been disinfected, you should place clean nesting materials into the boxes. Obviously, as mentioned above, it is imperative that a chicken coop is kept clean at all times.

So it is wise to keep an eye on the coop to ensure that it is always in good condition. If you notice an aroma of ammonia in the coop, then it needs to be cleaned as a matter of urgency.

Always bear in mind that you’re the state of your chickens’ coop will affect their health. Your chickens health in turn greatly affects the life expectancy of your hens. Therefore, it is important to keep it as clean and pest free as possible.

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