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How to Get Free Egg Cartons/Egg Trays

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Egg Cartons and Trays

Egg Carton and Trays

These are generally used for carrying eggs from one place to another. Generally in the market, eggs are available in the containers which are used to protect eggs while transportation. 

Egg Cartons have cup or dimpled from in which eggs reside. Eggs generally rest in cups inside cartons which helps the eggs not to bump in to other eggs and crack against one another.

These custom containers were invented in 1911 by Mr. Joseph Coyle. Egg Cartons and trays can be recycled. Generally people throw away the egg cartons that are made of paper and don’t reuse the trays.

Instead of throwing these paper egg cartons, they can be reused in many ways just like the way plastic soda bottles and old CD’s are reused. White or brown eggs does not matter both fit easily but the debate is still one about which eggs are the best.

They are made in such a way to accommodate egg and limiting the incidents of breaking of egg. Generally Egg Cartons are made of Styrofoam, plastic and sometimes also from recycled biodegradable paper.

Recycled Egg Cartons and Trays

Recycle paper is modified to molded pulp by means of mechanized process and these egg cartons are used. There are new egg packing designs that are developed to promote some premium quality eggs so that producers of eggs and people who market these premium eggs gain profit.

The advantage of premium eggs is that these eggs provide many health benefits than the normal eggs and so these eggs are most costly and needs more attractive ways for packaging them.

Standard egg cartons which are available in the market have the capacity to accommodate 12 eggs but there are also different egg cartons that come in various sizes. There are some egg cartons that can accommodate 15 and 18 eggs also. Some smaller egg cartons can accommodate 6 to 8 eggs.

If we want to carry the eggs when going on a vacation or a trip and if we have many people around, then the best thing to use to carry the eggs are the trays.

Trays are generally used by the poultry farmers or when the eggs are transported from one place to another. When the eggs are transported in trucks, the general storage places where the eggs are stored are in trays.

Trays come in tow varieties one card board sleeve and the other one is plastic. These egg trays are usually used by the poultry farmers to store the fresh eggs from farms or for storing them until they transport to the markets for sale.

Plastic Egg Cartons and Trays

Plastic eggs cartons have some more advantages as they are reusable and they can be used to wash and sanitize eggs by the egg processors. Trays come in two sizes one of 20 and other of 30. A cardboard sleeve tray is used generally when there is a protection needed for eggs when using tray format.

Egg cartons can be reused and there is no need for buying egg cartons again and again. These egg cartons can also be used for getting ice cubes in refrigerators by pouring water in each of the cup, can be used as packaging materials.

These can also be used for nuts and bolts usage and for shipping valuable good.  Kids love to make good articles out of these egg cartons. So there are many advantages if we reuse these egg cartons.

To get them free just ask your family, neighbors or friends and you will have more than you know what to do with in no time at all and  that is How to Get Free Egg Cartons | Free Egg Trays

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