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How to Save A Wet Chick

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Can You Save a Soaking Wet Chicken?

How to Save A Wet ChickYou will notice that sometimes your chicks will not come out of the rain while opting to stay out in the rain. 

Sometimes, after a heavy downpour of rain if your chicks do not go into the chicken coops or shelters provided, you will more than likely notice the next day your chicks containing the look of being “power washed”.

Are chicks just stupid?

Before you label your chicks ignorant, you must understand that chicks will be chicks, the same as children will be children with this scenario. 

You do not have to worry about your chicks not liking the shelter you have provided for them, some chicks just simply prefer to hang out in the rain.

Your chicks will not be harmed by being wet as long as their shelter or coop is not wet.  Some chicks obviously choose to stay out in the rain but don’t worry, they should dry off. The most important issue is to protect your chickens from the cold.

Sometimes chicks just simply like to stand in the rain

Your chicken going out into the rain and standing in the rain is not need for worry.  This should not be a concern unless there are freezing temperatures present in the area which you live.  You want to keep their coops or shelter dry at all times.

No need to worry about your chicks getting wet

Some people worry about their chicks getting wet.  Some people will ask if their chicks will get sick from the rain.  I will state that chickens are not typical rain lovers however; the rain does not bring harm to your chicks. 

Most chicks will find shelter whether it’s the shelter you have provided or otherwise.  Most chicks typically do not suffer from anything after getting wet from the rain.

Beware of cold climates for your chicks

If you live in an area where you do have snowy weather, you will find your chicks hate this type of weather.  More times to none the chicks will not even step on the snow therefore, the best way to feed them during this time of year is inside their coop.

Waterproofed sheds and coops are best for your chicks

You want to make sure if you do have very cold weather in the area which you live that you have a winterized proofed shelter for your chicks. In this type of weather, wet and cold combined can prove dangerous for your chicks.

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