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How to Take Care Of Your Chickens When Your Gone For Days

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How to Take Care Of Your Chickens When Your Gone For DaysChickens are now becoming one of the favorite pets for people all around the world. Now we have different breeds of chicken that are available.

Some people grow chicken in their back yard while some maintain two or three chicken as pets.

Some care should be taken care for these Chickens so that these chickens grow in a healthy environment.

When there is an urgent need to leave these chicken for some days or if we are planning for a vacation.

Then there is a need to protect and take care of these chickens during our absence. Some precautions mentioned below make them easy and can provide necessary steps to be taken while they are away from home.
Chickens are dual utility birds which are meant for both meat and eggs. Chickens reside in the chicken houses which are specially meant for them to feed them with water and food materials and they lay eggs with in these chicken houses. Depending upon the type of chickens the range of eggs they lay daily generally varies.

Birds can lay eggs when they are healthy and active so you must know how to take care of your chickens. Healthy in the sense they should be maintained periodically with good food material and water they take, should be cleaned daily.

Make sure that enough water is supplied to them and observe if any of the chickens in the scoop are not healthy and if there is any chicken ill separate them from the healthy birds and contact veterinary doctor for treatment for that birds.

 The Details

We should generally observe daily and must also take some necessary precautions when we are leaving chickens for few days and going out. Depending on the period of our vacation, we should take precautions. If we leave for a week then the things which we should take care was to provide enough space, food and water.

Generally depending on the breed of the chickens they generally lay 1 egg per day so fresh eggs remain unspoiled for several days without the refrigeration. Because  if they are left for 10-12 days generally hens roll down on to the eggs which results in incubation that results in to become a healthy, living chick.

That is the hen which layed the egg on first day will become a chick 29 days after incubation and if you need perfect looking eggs then rub gently with the fingers to remove the dirt or faces from the egg so that the layer of bloom which is surrounded around the egg will get damaged by scrubbing so gently remove the dirt by using fingers under warm water and wash the hands properly.


Certain precautions are to be taken while opening and closing the coops because the chickens can be attacked by the predators. It is necessary to see the coop is closed or opened while we are leaving chickens for few days otherwise there can be an attack from the predators. You must know how to avoid chicken snake problems.
Generally in every month we should change the coop because excessive ammonia in the coop may lead to respiratory illness. This is generally for sanitary purposes and removes the faces and used it as a fertilizer or put in a compost bin.

If it is at end of the month you generally take these steps and leave so that there will be no danger while you are away from the home. These are the certain steps which should be generally taken to take care of chickens when we are away from home.


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