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Chicken and Egg Predators aka – Fox

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The Wiley, The Sly, The Fox

chicken-and-egg-predators-aka-foxChicken owners are consistently concerned with predators and the protection of their chickens. 

Most chicken owners live in urban area because the majority of cities nationwide ban roosters due to being a public nuisance, even more so in the morning time. 

In the urban areas is where chicken owners become extremely worried about the numerous predators which exist within these urban areas. The predator I am going to speak about in this article is the fox. 

There are many stories as well as old phrases which include these particular predators of your chickens

Foxes are well-known chicken predators and you can rest assured, they know how to get your chickens. Ever hear of someone calling other people “sly”? 

The Fox Will Find Any Weakness In Your Coop

This derived from sly foxes who will literally stake out your chicken coop for weeks on end before attacking your chickens.  They are professionals at what they do and this is killing chickens.

Foxes can dig like dogs while containing the talent of climbing like a cat. These talents come in handy when they need to go under or over a fence. 

So many chicken owners have been amazed at the obstacles which foxes have climbed on or dug under in order to get their chickens. If a fox get’s into your chicken coop, you can kiss your chicken flock goodbye. 

Foxes Kill Just Kill

The birds of course will become very excited and scared with the fox in their chicken coop and this in return makes the fox excited and he or she will literally kill all your chickens in the chicken coop just like a dog will.You do not want to go out in the morning to feed your chickens and find them all dead in the chicken coop. 

What makes the fox so deadly when he or she enters into the chicken coop is that the fox will take as many chickens as possible with them when they leave the chicken coop. 

Some foxes have even been known to come back for seconds, thirds or more. You need to recognize signs that a fox has attacked your chickens.  If a fox has attacked your chickens they will more than likely have broken necks. 

Look for missing chickens and feathers lying all over the coop or the ground.  Look for feathers outside of the coop as well for this is a sure sign that a fox had his dinner the early morning hours with your chickens.

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