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How to Protect Your Chickens From The Cold

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5 Tips to Keep Your Protected

and Laying All Winter Long

How to Protect Your Chickens From The ColdOf course, how much protection your birds need will depend on circumstances.

Primarily, the amount of protection required will depend on your locale, because some areas get far colder than others do.

The second factor to consider is what breed of birds you have, because some chickens are built to cope with the cold weather far better than other breeds are.

Subsequently, it is advisable for all first-time chicken owners to consider which breed of chicken will best suit the climate of his or her location.

Having said that, if your locale becomes extremely cold, your birds will need some added comforts regardless of their breed. Therefore, here are some tips on how to keep your birds comfortable and healthy during those freezing winter months. Your chickens must not get wet or they will freeze.

However, it is recommended that any winter preparations are done in the summer, principally because working outside is not much fun in the wind and rain. It is very similar to taking care of your chickens when you leave on vacation.

Here a Five Important Tips on How to Protect Your Chickens From The Cold:

  • Firstly, it is a good idea to ensure that your coop is waterproof. If there are any leaks, these should be repaired as a matter of urgency.
  • Once you have established that your coop is dry, you may like to insulate it. There are many types of insulating materials that can be purchased from all good DIY stores. You’ll be surprised what a difference insulation can make to the temperature of the coop, so although it may be a big job, it is well worth doing.
  • When insulating your coop, it is important to leave plenty of ventilation, because although the birds want to be warm, they also need fresh air, especially if they will be inside the coop for the majority of the winter.
  • If you would like your birds to continue laying over the winter, you should invest in a sunlamp. A sunlamp, obviously, mimics the affects of the sun and will convince the birds that it is still laying season. Additionally, it is prudent to bear in mind that the sunlamp will double as a heater.
  • Speaking of heaters, you may like to purchase some small heaters to place in the coop if you have extremely cold winters or your birds are not very hardy. Some particularly pampered birds have heat pads placed in their nesting boxes. If you are interested in any of this equipment, it can be found in all good livestock and pet suppliers.

If you follow these steps, your birds will have a far more comfortable winter and will be likely to keep laying throughout the cold dark months.

So, if you want a constant supply of good quality fresh eggs, it is worth making the effort to ensure your birds are protected from the winter chill.

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