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A Rooster Spurs

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What are Rooster Spurs

Rooster Spurs

Rooster spurs grow on the inside leg of male burs which belong to the Galliformes Order.

This includes sexually mature guinea fowl, partridges, pheasants, roosters and tom turkeys.

The bird uses this as a weapon and as you might imagine can be quite dangerous if you breed expensive birds.

The last thing any breeder needs is one sexually threatened male bird killing another.

This spur results as an outgrowth of the leg bone and on a male chick appears like a papilla, as the bird matures, the spur grows and hardens and becomes covered by keratin, much likeour finger and toe nails.

Rooster Spurs – They Are Dangerous

The older the bird gets the longer, more curved and more dangerous the spur becomes. This spur can be removed when the rooster is still a chick, and you local vet can do this by means of Electrocautery.

This hinders the growth of the cells of the spur papilla, because in a chick this is not yet fully formed. It is fast, non-invasive and the chick hardly feels a thing and recovers well. In a fully grown rooster the process is not so simple and if you look at and X-Ray, the spur grows out as part of the leg bone.

Your rooster would have to have this “amputated” and this means a general anesthetic, sutures and infection control. The vet removes the spur by means of a bone saw which is used to separate the spur from the Tarsometatarsal bone. Infection of the bone is possible and this can be a serious complication.

Even in a backyard flock, roosters can be dangerous if they have spurs, it is this that make them so appealing as fighters in more savage days gone by. If you have an aggressive rooster (and they can be very aggressive) they may pose a danger to your other birds, pets or even children.

Rooster Spurs – Removed

An aggressive rooster may be subdued by changing the social order of the flock and adding more birds. Chickens are very social an they need to establish a pecking order amongst their own species. If not they may try to dominate any other species they come in contact with, including you.

The spur continuously grows, the same as our finger or toe nails and the tip may be filed down with a Dremmel, but as the growth will recur this is an ongoing process.

Trimming is also possible, but the same applies the spur will grow back and care has to be taken with the trimming process. People have use pliers and even baked potatoes (true) to remove the hard outer layer of the spur, but short of anesthesia and complete removal, the Dremmel is believed to be the best, most humane and safest method.

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