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Chicken Breeds That Make The Best Pets

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These are Some of The Most Friendly Breeds

Chicken Breeds That Make The Best PetsBefore we look at the different breeds of chickens for pets, we need to take some time and look at the advantages that these creatures offer.

First of all, they eat bugs. They also provide us with eggs. Compared to other pets, their feed is also relatively cheap.

Chickens can also be very loving, it is simply a matter of picking the correct breed. Chickens also come in hundreds of different colors and sizes, you are therefor certain to find a chicken that suits you style.

Not all chickens make excellent pets. It is important to select the right breed as some breeds can be aggressive. The chickens listed on this site are good breeds for beginners to start with.

Here is a list of some of the breeds of chickens for pets.

Ameraucana Chickens

These chickens are mostly popular for their colored eggs. Their eggs can be blue or blue-green. They adapt well to confined areas and are generally shy, docile birds, thus making them great pets.

Australorp Chickens

Australorp are great pets. Not only do they allow themselves to be handled and picked up, something that is essential in a bird when you have kids, but they also lay a fair amount of eggs.

Brahma Chickens

Brahma chickens are big birds. They are also known for being of the more attractive chicken breeds. The only problem with them is that they tend to be aggressive at times. Brahma chickens make beautiful pets, but are not the safest option if you have kids or wish to interact with your chickens.

Jersey Giant Chickens

Jersey giant chickens are the biggest breed of chickens. They lay eggs all year round and, most importantly, they can be very friendly birds. If you would like a bigger chicken as a pet, then this is the bird for you!

Silkie Chickens / Bantams

Silkie chickens are one of the most popular chicken breeds for pets. Silkie chickens love to be held and played with. They also appeal to children, because of their fluffy appearance. Silkie chickens are not big on laying eggs, but if you are simply looking for a pet, then this breed of chicken will not let you down.

Rhode Island Reds and / or Whites

These chickens make good pets as they are excellent producers of eggs as well as being low maintenance. The rooster of this breed should, however, be avoided as they tend to be aggressive.

Sussex Chickens

Sussex chickens are also excellent as pets due to their docile nature. They adapt well to confinement as well as average producers of eggs. These are just a few of the tried and trusted breeds of chickens for pets.

If you are new to chickens then it would be safer to choose one of the above mentioned breeds as a pet. Some breeds to avoid as pets are Leghorns, Andalusians and Sebrights.

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