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The Wyandotte Chicken Breed

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Good Ole Wyandotte’s Chicken

The Wyandotte Chicken BreedWyandotte’s Chicken breed is one of the most attractive breeds of chicken and easiest to care for breeds. Most of them say that this Chicken breed originated in the Big Apple State where it was first termed as ‘American Sebright’ and ‘Sebright Cochin’. 

This chicken is a very attractive breed as it comes in various colors partridge, blue, black, buff, white, silver and gold. Among these breeds the Silver Laced Wyandotte is termed as the parent variety of this breed of chickens. The most attractive feature of these breeds are they have wide saddles, prominent eyes, good breasts, medium necks and broad heads with full of feathers.

Very Good Egg Layers

These chicken are common in America and a fully grown Wyandotte’s Chicken on an average weigh about 3kg( about 6 and half pounds).

One of the specialty of these chickens are they are great layers of eggs. A typical Wyandotte’s Chicken breed produces 200 eggs an year.

On an average one can expect that these chickens will lay 175 eggs approximately in the second year. However like all the other chicken breeds, the production of eggs decreases as these chicken mature.

Easy to Raise for Beginner Chicken Ranchers

If you are trying to grow any chicken for the first time, then this breed of chicken is recommended as they have excellent egg producing capabilities. The reason behind this is that Wyandotte’s Chicken does not require any special care for its growth.

These Chicken coop up as they are in a free range of environment. These Chickens are so hard that it makes their life easy and suitable for their existence in cold temperatures.

These chickens are also more preferred as pets because they are friendly, calm-natured and will be a good choice for families with lots of children and also for families who want to grow chickens in their backyards.

But this chicken is dominant when it is mixed with other breed of chickens and these breed of chickens try to dominate the other chicken breed as they are heavy and of larger size.

They Are One of The Best Setters

They Chickens make good mothers as they do a decent job by sitting on their eggs which is commonly termed as going broody.

When Wyandotte’s Chicken goes broody, then the production of eggs will stop and we can consider incubator instead.

They are also favorite for the owners of chicken farms and for the flock owners who grow chicken in the backyard because they are dependable for good egg laying capabilities, there easy going nature, hardiness and for the different varieties of the feather patterns available.

For Example Columbian, Golden Laced, White Wyandotte’s are some but they are available very rarely.

Buy Them From a Hatchery

Wyandotte’s eggs are brown in color and generally the size of eggs is very large compared to other breed of chickens.

The fancy features of Wyandotte’s chicken is that they have no feathers in their feet but they are attractive with full breasts, wide saddles, prominent eyes, broad head and fully-feathered medium sized necks. Wyandotte’s Chicken is available in different hatcheries.

Some of the hatcheries where they are available are Belt Hatchery, Sand Hill, Murray McMurray, Meyer Hatchery, Ideal Poultry etc.


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