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Do You Want to Raise Chickens

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Do You Want to Raise Chickens When starting a poultry related journey, one should always start by asking 'why?'.

Why do you want to raise chickens?

Is it for commercial purposes or purely to sustain your own needs?

The answer to this simple question will show you what approach you will need to follow to raise your chickens.

There are 3 main approaches when it comes to raising chickens in a coop or either free ranging birds.

If you are interested in simply keeping chickens either as pets or to sustain your own needs, then more often than not you will opt to take the Extensive Approach to chicken raising.

Choose Wisely

Simply put, the Extensive Approach is when you allow the chickens that you are trying to raise to roam freely, find their own feed as well as not providing the chickens with any form of medicine.

There are definite pro's and con's to this approach. With regards to pro's when following the Extensive Approach, there is little or no work in it for you as the owner.

You also need very little space when adopting this approach and thus it is easy to follow it, even when you live in the city.On the con side, your chickens will be vulnerable to diseases, due to the lack of vitamin enriched food supplements or medical treatment.

You will also have no control over where the chickens nest or even be able to protect the eggs or young chicks, thus often resulting in a relatively low survival rate for chicks.

What is The Semi-intensive Approach?

A slightly more commercial approach is the Semi-intensive Approach. With this approach, you provide the chickens with shelter, enriched feed as well as medicine.

Although you provide them with housing, the chickens should still have a camp attached to their coop so that they have space to roam around in.

This approach requires more work on the side of the owner, but it will leave you with chickens who lay more eggs and the survival rate for hatched chicks will be higher than with the Extensive Approach. If you are looking to become a poultry farmer, then you will have to follow the Intensive Approach.

This is approach is almost the same as the Semi-Intensive Approach. The only difference is that now you permanently keep the chickens in their coop. This approach is labor intensive, but yields the greatest results with regards to egg count and chick survival rate.

The Basics Are All The Same

No matter what approach you choose to follow, you will have to provide your chickens with access to clean water, food as well as light. If you keep your chickens in a coop, make sure that it has a light in it, as chickens exposed to 12 hours of light a day are on average healthier.

Finally, it is important to protect your chickens against predators, most notably, dogs. If you have dogs, make sure that they don't have access to the chickens.

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